Delicious and ready in seconds. Just add water and go!

Formulated by a leading metabolic scientist to support metabolic, brain and gut health, HLTH Code Complete Meal has been the most advanced and complete meal shake available in the market. Now, that same incredibly nutritious shake is available for long-term food storage.

Packaged in the gold standard of food storage containers (air-, vapor-, and water-tight #10 cans), this nutritionally optimized meal shake is shelf stable for up to 20 years* and has a resealable lid!

Most long-term food storage is loaded with carbohydrates, requires heat and time, and is expensive.

For less than $5/meal shake and ready to drink in seconds, HLTH Code Complete Meal provides a nutrient-dense, ideal blend of protein, healthy fats, prebiotic fiber, probiotics, vitamins and minerals to help you THRIVE in emergency situations.

Thousands of people everyday trust their metabolic, brain and gut health to HLTH Complete Meal. Now you can have that same nutritional powerhouse in your long-term food storage!

⭐️ The #1 nutritionally-optimized, nutrient-dense complete meal shake,

⭐️ Delicious, satisfying and mixes perfectly with just water,

⭐️ Nutrient dense – each container has 15 servings and takes up little space on your shelf or backpack,

⭐️ Shelf stable for up to twenty years!*

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Shelf stable up to 20 years*

Nutritionally complete

No heat required

Ready in seconds

Just add water

Resealable lid

Low carb

High in protein

High in healthy fats

Prebiotics and probiotics


No added sugar


Traditional Food Storage

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15 Complete Meals / Canister 90 Meals / Case

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*Storage and Handling: Must be stored in cool, dry conditions to maximize shelf life. Avoid long-term storage above 75 degrees. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions. Use product within 30 days of opening.