Your secret keto weapon.

Your secret keto weapon.

Whether you're new to keto or long-term committed to the LCHF life, HLTH Code can help you keep it simple for more success.

HLTH Code Complete Meal

Developed by a leading Keto researcher based on his breakthrough research on the human metabolism

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Dr. Ben Bikman is not only a metabolic scientist, he’s an expert and popular speaker on the ketogenic diet. His extensive research has made it clear that your body and mind thrive on a ketogenic diet when you prioritize a 1:1 ratio of healthy fats to the right kinds of protein.

Keto can be overwhelming.

We’re big fans of low-carb living, so we know all too well that all the meal planning, grocery shopping, chopping, slicing, and dicing is a big investment of time, money, and attention. By replacing one meal a day with HLTH Code, you can get all the great nutrition without all the prepwork. And that means a better shot at achieving your goals.
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Next Generation Ketogenic Meal Replacement

Backed by science, and a leading metabolic scientist, to maximize fat loss results.

Lose weight

Dense nutrition from quality proteins, healthy fats, fiber and more.

Get in Ketosis, and Stay There

With only 4g NET Carbs and formulated to keep you in fat burning mode.

Support Lean Muscle

Our blend of highly absorbable protein sources stimulates muscle growth production for that toned look.

Enjoy Sustained Energy

Mid-afternoon slump? No more. Sugar cravings? All set. Brain fog? Gone. That’s the benefit of great nutrition.

Healthy Digestion

9g of prebiotic fiber, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Healthier hair, skin & nails

Usually a pricey add-on, we included collagen for a difference you can see and feel.

Simplify your keto plan. Without any compromises.

Not all keto products are created equal. When you don’t get the nutrients you need, you won’t get the results you want – and you might feel pretty terrible. You could also damage your health. HLTH Code is a keto-friendly shake formulated by scientists and based on the latest nutritional and metabolic science.

Satisfying, delicious and nutrient-dense. Endless ways to prepare.



Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie Bowls





So Much More Than a Protein Shake

With beautiful healthy fats paired with protein your body can actually use and only 4g of net carbs*, HLTH Code Complete Meal is the insulin-neutral, keto-friendly, super tasty shake your body’s been craving. *Net Carbs = Total Carbs – Fiber

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

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No soy

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No added sugars

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No artificial sweeteners

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HLTH Code 3 Easy Steps

Easy to follow & proven to work.

Four simple steps


Start by swapping one to two meals a day

Makes for a delicious, satisfying breakfast, lunch or dinner. It all depends on your goals!


Add water, HLTH Code, shake and enjoy

A healthy meal in seconds.


Great start! Now make it a habit

Our quick start brochure offers additional meal tips.


Lose the weight

Backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Complete Meal Shake Powder

Burn fat, support lean muscle.

HLTH Code was developed by a metabolic scientist on the forefront of keto scientific discovery. With a focus on the three core macros (protein, fats, carbs) to keep your metabolism burning, HLTH Code is formulated to support what we like to call the fourth macronutrient: ketones.

A truly complete "complete meal."

No need to add, supplement, or bulk up a HLTH Code shake with anything but water. Just shake and go!
Complete Meal Replacement Shake

Expert recommended

Meet Dr. Ben Bikman

HLTH Code co-founder and formulator
Dr. Ben Bikman is not only a metabolic scientist, he’s an expert and popular speaker on the ketogenic diet. His extensive research has made it clear that your body and mind thrive on a ketogenic diet when you prioritize a 1:1 ratio of healthy fats to the right kinds of protein. Get his insights @BenBikmanPhD on Twitter and Instagram and @BenjaminBikmanPhD on Facebook.
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Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Weight loss is rarely easy, involving the right changes in both hormones and caloric balance to signal to the body that it’s time to start burning, not storing, fat. Based on the best available studies on human metabolism, Complete Meal is built to help you lose weight without the need for counting every calorie. Many of our customers find that it’s an effective way to jumpstart weight loss when they’ve plateaued on a keto or low-carb diet. Westman, E.C., et al., Low-carbohydrate nutrition and metabolism. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2007. 86(2): p. 276-284.
As long as your daily meals and snacks total under 25 net carbs, you’ll be fine using HLTH Code up to two times a day. We always recommend treating your body to at least one meal a day of real, whole food.
Absolutely. HLTH Code is actually a great way to keep keto costs down! Especially if you’re looking for meal planning shortcuts: Keto meal kits generally start around $12/serving, while HLTH Code meals start at $3.33/meal.
By insulin-neutral, we mean HLTH Code won’t spike your blood sugar – in fact, it will help you keep more consistent levels throughout the day.
Take your pick! A HLTH Code shake is a great way to break a fast and can satisfy your sweet cravings right out of the gate. And it can make lunchtime at work or on the go super simple. It’s really up to you and what works best for your lifestyle.
We’ve committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients, never anything artificial (your tastebuds know!). HLTH Code is naturally sweetened with low-glycemic monk fruit and a proprietary form of stevia to deliver a delicious flavor without the bitter aftertaste you might be used to from other keto products.
HLTH Code Complete Meal contains milk, egg, and coconut oil. Please review the complete nutritional facts panel and ingredient listing for more details.
Complete Meal Shake Powder

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