Alicia’s Top 5 Strength-training Exercises

Science by Alicia Archer

Fitness expert, Alicia Archer, shares her top-five beginner strength-training exercises. These foundational movements can be done with just body weight, or with some additional weight or other resistance. Exclusive to the HLTH Code family!


About Alicia
Alicia Archer is a popular fitness instructor based in New York City. Certified by the AFAA, Alicia began her teaching career at Equinox, where she refined her skills in teaching several of their signature formats. Alicia discovered a way to integrate her knowledge of dance, into engaging movement patterns that class participants enjoyed. Alicia believes the human body is capable of moving through several planes of motion, and relies on sequencing to navigate different pathways for a stimulating workout. She trains regularly in aerial, contortion and hand-balancing. Now well-versed in the workings of flexibility, she combines her specialty in body weight training with the knowledge of mobility and stretching techniques. Alicia believes discipline lies within, and that tremendous results are possible for anybody willing to put in the work. Alicia offers both in-person and online classes. To learn more visit:

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