Birthday Cake Protein Bites

Credit: @cutenketo

Recipe makes 12 protein bites

1/4 cup cashew butter
3 scoops HLTH Code Creamy Vanilla
2 tablespoons coconut milk
15 drops (1/4 teaspoon) liquid sweetener of choice (optional)

Sugar-free sprinkles or unsweetened coconut flakes to top

Scoop out and measure 1/4 cup room temperature cashew butter and put into a mixing bowl
Next, add your liquid sweetener to the cashew butter (optional)
Then put in 3 scoops of HLTH Code Creamy Vanilla
Last, pour 2 tablespoons of coconut milk and stir until dough is formed
Once dough is formed, separate into 3 equal parts
With those 3 equal parts, separate into 4 balls each and roll onto parchment paper
Roll the protein balls in toppings of your choice!
Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Nutritional breakdown per protein bite (recipe makes 12 protein bites)
86 Calories
4g Protein
1g Fiber
7g Fat
3g Total Carbs
2g NET Carbs