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Starting Out

Don’t wait! Make a delicious HLTH Code shake for your next meal!

Keep in mind: If your stomach happens to gurgle a little, this is just your body adjusting to a new food plan.

Don’t give up – it’s natural and will go away soon (like with exercise, your body may complain initially, but it gets used to good things). If needed, drink some water before or after your shake to aid in this transition.

After a few days, you can move to 2x shakes per day, if desired.

Make a Shake

Add 8 fl oz. (1 cup) of cold water (or unsweetened almond or coconut milk), then add two level scoops. Shake vigorously or blend lightly. Enjoy!

Mix it up

Want it thicker?
Reduce liquid and blend with some ice.

Blend in:

half of an avocado
a handful of greens
unsweetened peanut butter powder or almond butter
cinnamon or other spices
or check out dozens of yummy, proven recipes here

What about other meals?

Since everyone is different, we recommend the following overall approach to meal planning:

In general, it’s best to make HLTH Code Complete Meal your first meal of the day. The balanced nutrition and incredibly low-glycemic blend is a perfect delicious meal (or two) each day.

You’ll also find a growing number of absolutely delicious
(and metabolically superior) recipes here.

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If able, engage in physical activity six days a week. The best type of exercise for your health is the one you will actually do on a consistent basis.


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